Night Work

by Bleach Eater

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Burning saviours Red skies upon us In the name of Heaven promised Give your myth and watch it fester Thirst for truth destroying today Your arrogance will have you long gone At Dusk, Satan rises As Hell is promised... Lash the angelic Corroded into fire Acheron's pit of kings Path your desire Essence now fading To bind the course Enraptured abyss...
She crawls in the abdomen Disrobed amongst the viscera To bathe in claret warms her loins Vaginal fluid spouts onto the grass Horse Girl... Grasping the heart Severed by her teeth She smiles as she chews A boorish gesture A gurgling murmur from the gaseous innards Bursts into a surge of blood and shit splatter
Nefarious jungle of thoughts I'll take you to a dark place Submerged in the water I am thirsty and I'm covered in dirt Grind the dirt into your flesh And now become immersed Choke The transgressing haze is synthetic Soak Plug me in, now my flesh is electric Dirt My fucking body is covered in dirt Thirst Before I am washed, I must drink first Soaked Electric charge through each of my limbs A thousand volts take course through my skin Bolts of lightning Birth to absolute insatiable thirst...
This shabby scarf which adorns my neck Cloaks a band of intricate scars Eagerly I wait for the twilight to lapse As the witching hour draws near I lay my body to rest beneath a tree The string of symbols along my neck divides My head maneuvers freely through the night tide An open window invites me in Inside, I see a man sleeping He is awakened by my hovering grimace
The wind dusts off the bones Resting in the sand Left by the collector Vision set adrift Under a frozen moon A phantom rises from the sepulcher
Enter your house every night Cut your back with knives Bash your head again and again Break your fucking spine... Night work...
The lit up arcade was filled with machines It's inviting to a player with a pocket full of coins If your pockets are low, you can still get high Cheapened boards where my enemies seem actual Curled up in a corner when the flashes start to flicker Demented retribution, smoke leaks from the back chamber The mescaline and formaldehyde compute to form the newest levels Some experience death through an out-of-body The boss emerges with work and new syringes He combines his attacks like seizures The lit screens and neons cast a glow A strobe light effect from a flickering bulb The butcher waits to show you pure casualties Opening the gates between graphics and reality
In the den of the lummox, he's bound by chains Slime on the floor gives off a foul stench Injecting dope through a hole in the gate Keeps the oaf in a lethargic state
A sinful shadow occupies the forest Aligned with the black magician Her decrepit body dressed in ashy rags She hovers from the mountain without descent Called by inferno A shrill cackle rings through the valley Her claws carry an infant back to the cauldron Where she will have her meal
The inverted night The old massacres carved up with delight A state of mind saved me from the light The night tomb by my side Hands white and expired Transfixed, I fell to my knees Lord of this bell Virulent reflections Morbid celebrations In oath of the command I am ruler I am the sun I am the inverted I am congregation... The night tomb by my side Pestering fascination Transfixed, I fell to my knees
Ancestral scrolls Tunnels of a forgotten past Her sister was a nun Son of the ghost he waited for at night... Something like a frost moon eclipse She is my blood cousin... It appeared she was frozen beneath me...


released July 30, 2013

via Supercoven Records

Don Millard: Lead Vocals & Guitars
Jay Hailey: Vocals & Drums

All arrangements by Bleach Eater
Produced by Gore Elohim & Bleach Eater
Engineered by Joe Cincotta at Full Force Studio
Mastered by Scott Hull at Visceral Sound
Artwork by Goatess Doomwych


all rights reserved


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